Thursday, 28 October 2010

Nice raffle and dirty dentists

Over at Stylight they have a great raffle to win a trip to Paris. Just by participating you get a bracelet so it´s a win-win situation. Check it out and please wish me luck!

Despite a hurting hip that makes me walk like a duck I went to a party of Viennese dentists and I have some conclusions:
1; Homo-eroticism is alive and well in the world of drunken dentists.
2; Female Dentists of Vienna apparently tend to be dirty and filthy because the toilet was a battlefield. Seriously the way to the toilets was already covered in toilet paper. XD;
That´s me in the battlefield, not pictured is the mountain of paper tissues, toilet paper and other stuff right next to me.

Shirt: new from Asos; I love it!
Silver Rosario Necklace: Antique, present from my grandmother
Skirt: cheap shop near Inôkashira Park
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Now I´m off for dinner, a screening (a movie about Chantal Ackermann) and a party with a Brazilian filmmaker I recently got to know...


  1. wenn du die reise gewinnst nimm mich mit :P
    das asos oberteil ist chic !!

  2. Natürlich mein Schatzi!^^
    Danke!; war auch in Sale, was es noch netter macht.

  3. Danke, das freut mich total^^