Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Khaki-Leopard-Minihats-Knee Highs

For a change a calm and nice quick outfit post.

I took lonely purikura at a day I was running around busy in Shibuya and wanted to have a make up break without going to a cafe, so instead I choose the brightly lit purikura machines.
The results aren´t too overwhelming but you can see my eclectic autumn 2010 style:

Leo ruffle shirt: still from Anap

Jumper: 3 years old sale item from Mango. One of the staff girls in 109 asked me actually where I got it from and was shocked when I told it is not only old but was also cheap (about 1500-2000 Yen?). XD

Knee Highs: Tutuanna, the shop where I lately spend every second day. It is chain which primarily focuses on fashion for your legs: socks, tights, leg warmers,... with a bit of underwear and PJs mixed in. I will make a post about the glory of their recent releases soon!
Disney Sea´s Shelly may and my legs show you the product in it´s original form:

You could apparently only buy it in the Tutuanna near Shibuya´s center-gai and since that was the last one left in that color, I guess it is sold-out now.
It contains a tiny bit wool so it is warm but didn´t make my legs red and hurting (I have the typical red-blond people problem of sensitive skin so wool is normally a no-go for me.).

Did you guys gave in on the trends of knee highs, leg warmers and so on too?


  1. ich liebe Kniestrümpfe. Hier gibt es allerdings recht wenige zu kaufen und wenn dann nur in schwarz. bisschen abwechslung wäre toll.

    und dein outfit mag ich total gerne :D

  2. Kniestrümpfe sind was ganz was Tolles, sofern sie nicht runterrutschen die ganze Zeit...XD
    Ja, nur Schwarz oder "punkig" Schwarz-Weiß-Quergestreift, was nicht gerade ein schlenkes Bein macht.

    Danke, meine Schöne!