Friday, 15 October 2010

Kitchy Halloween @ Tokyo Disneyland

Lately I am spending too much time at the hospital; so a report of past, more fun times.

Quite a while ago I went to Disney Land- I usually go to Disney Sea because they have non-scary rides, alcohol, gyoza dog, Duffy, Shelly-may and concept-wise you can enjoy yourself even without riding anything- it is all together more stylish and adult. Disney Land is OK but not just my cup of tea.
And god the merchandise was awfully ugly- there was nothing half-way decent. Or at least I could not find it. Dasai, dasai, dasai.
Initial problem was Lady Boy took the complete wrong train- an extreme express which stopped nowhere. I noticed it immediately but since we anyway could not change anymore sarcasm was our only rescue from the long journey.
The train took us to the deepest depths of Chiba- and may I say that the deepest depths of Chiba bare any attraction. Since we are snarly bastards we made fun of every city on the way as well as the train which may or may not pissed of the other passengers.

Finally in the right train- the Mickey train.

Coming just in time to catch the pretty Night Parade and take some ~artistic~(read bad) pictures over the heads of dozens of it.
View of shops, shops, shops.

In this mix-up of European architectural styles of a building you will find the most trippy of all the rides in all of Disney Resorts. And Ladyboy surely knows about trippy experience (*cough* ) so you can believe our conclusion. XD
It is an extremely slow, long boat ride accompanied by singing dolls dressed up as different countrymen. Over and over singing the same song that we are all one and differences don´t matter. Xenophobic Japan, you´d better listen to those dolls!

With messy hair and make-up and my OraOra bad boy fist-pose, next to a messy Disney character.
Dress is from a small store on Cat´s Street. It was about 1800 Yen-cheap.
Sadly too short to wear it without showing the world your panties so I wore a jeans skirt from H&M´s kids department under it


  1. nein nicht so viel krankenhaus :(
    pass auf dich auf!!

    und disney land würd ich auch sososo gern mal wieder, naja gut wir haben hier auch einen grossen freizeitpark. aber disney ist halt immer noch besser! tolle fotos!

  2. ohh disney land!!! soo toll!

    xoxo claudia

  3. Nicki:
    Danke, ich versuchs!

    Disney ist schon von der Stimmung ein bisschen anders, denk ich mir; vorallem in Japan.

    Schon , schon^^