Monday, 1 November 2010

Kitchy Halloween Part 2! @ Disney Sea

I´ve already had my personal horror trip of more or less fake vampires, pain and illness before Halloween even started but none of that today! Second part of kitchy Halloween at Disney Resort^^
I went there with Santa (I call him Santa not because he gives me lot of presents but because he has an extremely deep, calm voice and when he laughs it sounds like Santa. As you may recognized already I like nicknames for boys.).
Before we actually entered we already discovered a unique attraction: A probably pretty crazy big guy talking to himself the whole time who knew the Disney staff. Santa nicknamed him "Japanese Bear" after I jokingly asked if he is a special Japanese thing to Disney like Pu-Bear. XD


It was a pretty stormy day so it payed off to have someone who is tall, muscular with brought shoulders with you to hide behind (Not only on stormy days that pays off, of course. ;D)
My glasses are my favorite mirrored ones. i have them in silver and metallic blue.

A little bit of fake Mexico

My favorite non-scary ride

Big ship with a bit Halloween-flavor

Discovering my inner-child

My favorite place, the Mermaid Lagoon!I always thought it would be the perfect place for a rave/club, wouldn´t it?

3rd time I saw the big show at the harbour but I still like it; water-y woman

and fire-y monster-man

...together at last

There was a special Halloween firework which I tried to capture but failed

And after the firework I received a self-made present. If you can understand a bit German you will get the meaning

Romantic, romantic.

I tried a sort of 60s hair style and make-up but it was pretty destroyed at the end of the day.

Hope you all had/have/will have a great halloween!^^


  1. amazing blog (:
    is that your real hair color?


  2. Thanks so much!

    Yes, 100% real^^