Sunday, 26 December 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates my health problems in combination with an amount of hospital visits kept me busy. Hope you had a nice Xmas (if you are celebrating)- mine was although I also had to spent some time at the hospital. XD
Nevertheless I tried to make my first cookies with a message:

For my 2nd Xmas celebration I got this dress which not necessarily says CHRISTMAS but I like the simplicity and uniqueness.

It´s from Rare, bought through Asos.
I actually haven´t worn it yet so I can just hope the result of me wearing will be good enough to post. Also would be interested in what everyone wore for the holidays!

And some random outfit that looks like winter. XD

Hat: Anap
Coat: C.C.Cross (expensive first present from Santa; will introduce later)
Dress: Chille by Anap
Shoes: Chille by Anap
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Since I won´t be able to see it for awhile, I part with some winter-y Vienna:

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tartan Xmas

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry and the warm welcome back!
Had some awkward situation in hospital again: A doc discussing how nice my hair color is with a lady who right that moment just got her chemo treatment...Compliments can really make you feel the opposite when given in the wrong context.
A while ago I got some make-up for that red-blond head of mine from the new collection of MAC.
I really liked the package:

And the actual eye-shadows, close-up:

My favorites so far are the green tones on the right and the golden one.
I would love to show them properly used but the pictures I have wearing them you can´t really see my eye make-up.XD I´m just really bad at make-up shots but instead you can see my ridiculous flippy hair. I´ll try to do better next time!
My hair went from the top picture to this:

And then to this:

And for your Xmas-mood, some illuminations of Omotesando brought to you by Ladyboy and Santa:

Personally I think Omotesando illuminations are nothing special when you compare them to European or the ones in Tokyo Midtown but of course pretty nonetheless.
Any favorite illuminations in Japan or your home country?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Back in Black (& Leo)

Hello there, I´m more or less back from the hospital; still got one more surgery to go but hope it will end then. I just wanted to say much thanks for sticking with me!

On to the clothes. One day before getting trapped in the hospital my mum and I went shopping and found something deep in the pits of H&M (I used to work there part-time so I have a tendency to not go there on my own anymore. Working place atmosphere is probably not a perfect shopping atmosphere.): Leo (Although you could also say the pattern looks like like dirt stains, I guess)pants.
They are actually a mix between skinny pants and leggings; that comfortableness was the deciding factor to get them. Due to the skin transplantation from my leg I cannot wear normal jeans for awhile since they would rub too much against the wound so both from the medical and the stylish point of view this was a good buy!
Plus, they are a bit too big for me (I couldn't find a size 32, so 34 it was) which is even better for relaxing my skin.

Short rundown of the rest of the outfit:
Hair accessory: Free gimmick from Tutuanna
Pullover with attached chain: Rojita; I bought it so long ago but it is still my favourite.
Booties: Bought in my usual Chile by Anap in Shibuya this autumn but they are actually from a Korean brand. Very warm and comfortable.

After the purchase, I saw similar in Vivi and Popsister too. To be honest I actually like the dark coloring of mine better though, more subtle and less "only this season"-esque.

What do you guys think?
Other flashy pants you recently discovered and liked?