Monday, 26 July 2010


I lately have been in a maniac state for everything off- and one-shoulder, partially because It has a sophisticated sexiness to it, to a bigger part though because I can cover scars with it without looking like a nun. Luckily it is one of the proclaimed summer/autumn trends in Japan so lately I see it in stores more often.

Nevertheless If you see cute shirts, dresses, salopettes,bikinis ... that cover the right shoulder, please always let me know!

On my quest I even did something I do not normally do- I first discovered something in a magazine (in this case Popsister) and then bought it. Normally it is the other way around.
Since I had plans to go with Ladyboy to Disney Sea I was searching for some Salopette/Rompers/whatever you want to call it that is both light, comfortable and covers everything properly even when you go on a ride.

Minir Dees, a shop that if my memory is halfway correct, exists in 109 since winter time, had what I wanted and that for only 4095 Yen. The price will go apparently up again next month when the summer sale ends.
It combines my beloved girly girl essentials of floral pattern, lace and ruffles too. The only minus point is that only one-size is offered that is actually too big for me. It is still wearable but producing at least the standard 109 sizes of S and M would have been nice.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Senelier Reception

Sorry for not updating, I am in an internetless-state at the moment.

Yesterday I went to a designer friend's reception for his new label in old punk town Koenji. Like with 90% of all the designers I know, he primarily does mens fashion and his new brand is no different. (I actually met him trough another befriended designer who works for a hip hop label. I really need more women designers in my life...XD)
As you can maybe guess from the pictures, the concept is to mixture art and fashion. The art used is that from Senekt, a funny guy who -and that is surprising- used to be a Gyaru-o into Delica, Trance and Parapara. (I guess you could see an influence though in the pictures?)
Very well-made, exceptional but simple clothes are the result.

I was forced to wear and model them so if I get the pictures of that I hopefully can upload them too.

What else?
My recommendations if you mabe spend the summer in Japan is to drink Yuzu Green Tea Frappuccino at Starbucks and buy the new issue of Sweet because they have a great Betsey Johnson make up purse included.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Hidden and Open Flowers

Before running to my dentist, I had to change my outfit for at least 10 times since nothing fit (which was the actual reason for me ending up running). All the skirts were somehow loose and made me look like I stole something from my imaginary sister. What I came up with in the end was imprinted with that frustration. Maybe..., I think:

Bag: Pretty Obvious Louis Vuitton; present from my Ex from the Roppongi Hills store
Sunglasses: H&M
Jacket: Cecil Mcbee
Skirt: Off White Levis one, I bought at a random outlet center in Saitama
Belt:random store in 109-2
Pumps: Mango
Inside shirt has at least a somehow positive attitude:

From H&M

More cute flowers I got at quick stop at Zara´s sale:

In the spirit of that day; I feel for a high-waisted short (size 34/Us 2), it´s a bit too loose on me but combined with a belt it will be OK. And it was only 9,90 Euro! For such a cute design, rarely found in Europe, a dirty cheap prize.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pimp fashion

In the wide section of OraOra (Japanese bad boy style; street wear style) style gone wrong:

In the clip they introduce overly expensive set ups from the brand "Juvenile Delinquent". Grand brand name aside, the brand´s idolizes pimps and if you ever seen a store of them- it´s pretty in your face. Magic sticks, fur coats, you´ll think you´re in a Snoop Dog mock video. While half of the stuff is more or less representing OrOra fashion, the other one tales on the sadly over-looked style of 40´s pimps which I appreciate.
My favorite part of the brand is though that one of their 2 stores in Shibuya is straight in the heart of the Love Hotel hill. Seriously, can you be more in tune with your image than that?!

If you´d like to pimp out your boyfriend, go to their official homepage:

Monday, 5 July 2010

Live, Love, Laugh; My shirt tells me

T-shirt from Wego, a rather large and famous second-hand and cheap-stuff store in Harajuku. The shirt is amazingly soft and comfy. It doesn´t look grand just lying there but it´s cute when it´s worn.