Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bunny Year, Bunny Year

Again I have to apologize for the lack of posts - no internet and a bunch of bad news regarding my health and mobility were the cause.
2011 brought me some very positive things though too that hopefully will result into bigger positive changes.

Today- a quick post about my New Year celebration- part 1. Originally I planned a nice date-like-thing at the Disney Sea countown event but date got seriously sick perfectly on the 31th and I was without any other plan - plus couldn´t walk properly due to back and hip problems. Not exactly promising factors but it still turned out to be the best New Year so far. A quick research with some of my friends resulted in an ivitation to a family trip to Izu by a guy friend (His father is a CEO so my guess was that it would have been a pretty nice trip. Still I am not not crazy enough to intrude poor families I have never met before on their rare vacation.) and a posh sounding club event my room-mate could bring me in as a guest and another friend asking me to come to club Ageha.

But when my girl Megu was free and wanting to meet up everything was set for a long night in Shibuya.
Shibuya at New Year is a mixture of pumped up tourists looking for the exciting new year party the travelled for and mostly failing because of alcohol and lack of easy acessable parties and the usual Shibuya young going-out crowd.
Though they were masses of people around we still managed to run into my Ex (working at Club Camelot in the good part of Shibuya) and since he is always nice to me and my friends- gave me a ticket to get in for free and Megu and her a friend ones to get in for 1000 Yen.
A big help for us when you consider that the New Year events in clubs in Japan are usually the most expensive ones of the whole year.
I wasn´t really nice to him though- talking about a guy friend and not really listening to his questions if it was me he saw the other day. That was not in evil spirit though- I was fashion-ly disabled: My new fur ear warmer-hat-thing from Chille by Anap is incredibly warm but makes me half-deaf. Sorry my Ex!
More on my start to 2011 next time. Thanks for reading!^^

Outfit I introduced before but:
Fur hat thing: Chille by Anap
Top: Asos
Skirt: Delyle
Tights: Tutuanna

Sadly I don´t know where the fittng sexy twin outfit from Megu is from. If someone is interested I can ask though!^^