Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bad men and good clothes

I forgot in last entry several things, including the inspiration for my Yukata hair style I found in a magazine dedicated only to hair arranges that would fit Yukata. The first one was actually my top choice but since it is complicated and would have taklen too much time the hair stylist and I decided on something close to the second one. Still I would love to try it out on a more hair-friendly day in spring or autumn. Even the hair stylist thought it was really unique and pretty.

Second one:

Any Yukata/Kimono hair styles you like to try out or already tried?

The other thing is a short episode of human sweetness followed by cruelness I had during the Hanabi. Actually less than the fireworks I was absorbed with a cute baby girl. She, her grandmother and mother waved and laughed at me during the whole event and when it was time to leave they came with the baby car to me. Baby girl grabbed my hands and did not let go (cuteness) which was when her father uttered the following:

"Unlike your mother that big sister is beautiful, I understand, but still you have to let go"

Infront of his wife and the baby`s mother. That is not the way to have a happy marriage, mister!

(First picture is a recent outfit made out of 100% Anap sale products! XD)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Essentials of Japanese Summer

An essential part of Japanese summer is of course Hanabi, fireworks shows, and wearing a Yukata (thin summer kimono; still wearing it is certainly less comfortable and hotter than your average maxi summer dress) to it.
I decided on a Yukata set which included also hair accessories, Geta (traditional sandals), Obi, and other necessaries for under 10 00 Yen. usually those sets are cheaply produced and look that way (some of the gal brands ones, like Cecil McBee, tend to be that way) but this one actual has quality and a bit of a unique use of color. The base is soft purple, which is a color I actually did not see on anyone at the last firework shows I went to, with pink, white, yellow and black flowers.

Before the Hanabi I was stressed and had no time at all for styling myself, plus I am anyway clumsy so I got dressed up and got my hair done by a hair salon. I reserved their Yukata package over the Internet the night before. Pretty abrupt but I can recommend that service to everyone! The outcome was something like this:

It maybe does not look like it but it was a pretty complicated style and lots and lots of hair pins had to be used to keep everything up. (Not very pleasing for my scalp...XD)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Odaiba Venus Fort Outlet

A while ago I visited notorious dating spot Odaiba and the kitchy Department store Venus Fort (themed in a Las Vegas-esque interpretation of an Italian plaza).
A new edition of it is an outlet with lots of Gyaru to Vivi, CanCam brands (Moussy, Lip Service
, Dazzlin, Royal Party,...).
From Royal Party I got another one-shoulder, flower-print item, this time a dress for 2500 Yen (about 18 Euro?).
With a pissed off expression worn it looks something like this:

And belts with a very romantic touch I got from ladyboy. Waist belts are a regular in my outfits, they do not only give them that extra thing but also serve as small, lightened corset to give you a better posture.They can be annoying when you go out to eat though, be warned! XD; There were about half of the price you would pay in Shibuya too!

To sum it up, the Outlet is a big recommendation if either your date is boring and you want to spend the time doing something more useful like shopping or if both of you guys are into cheap fashion since they have stores for men too!^^
And also much thanks and welcome to the new followers!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hair Modelling 101 / Purikura

This week I had the chance to do nice some small-scale modelling again for a a line of hair salons in the Shibuya area. A Hip Hop event of friends was the day before so I did not get much sleep and felt generally rather sick which shows in my face but apart of that it was a sweet working day.

On my way to the salon I ran straight into a big group photo shoot for the magazine Men`s Egg, THE publication for Gyaru-o, which was already the 2nd time in 2 weeks. Male models pave, or rather stand annoyingly in my way.
Getting around the shooting I reached the salon which had a relaxed Semi-European, antique charm to it. Lots of white and decorated mirrors mixed with Biedermeier furniture.

I was allowed to choose how I wanted my hair cut and styled, which also means there is no interesting change at all to it. After that I was meeting up with my friend Megu for dinner and more. We also took some Purikura (the pictures on top) where you can see more of the outfit and hair.
Skirt is from Shibuya 109 brand Delyle, which concept is to be basically a sluttier, cheaper version of Chanel. Think lots of black, pink and white, chain bags, and prints using images like the Chanel No 5 flacon.
The shirt is from English store Asos, is one-shouldered one one side and opens up on the other side- a nice feature when temperatures are around 35 degrees.
Hope you enjoy your summer!