Sunday, 26 December 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates my health problems in combination with an amount of hospital visits kept me busy. Hope you had a nice Xmas (if you are celebrating)- mine was although I also had to spent some time at the hospital. XD
Nevertheless I tried to make my first cookies with a message:

For my 2nd Xmas celebration I got this dress which not necessarily says CHRISTMAS but I like the simplicity and uniqueness.

It´s from Rare, bought through Asos.
I actually haven´t worn it yet so I can just hope the result of me wearing will be good enough to post. Also would be interested in what everyone wore for the holidays!

And some random outfit that looks like winter. XD

Hat: Anap
Coat: C.C.Cross (expensive first present from Santa; will introduce later)
Dress: Chille by Anap
Shoes: Chille by Anap
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Since I won´t be able to see it for awhile, I part with some winter-y Vienna:

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tartan Xmas

Thanks for all the nice comments on my last entry and the warm welcome back!
Had some awkward situation in hospital again: A doc discussing how nice my hair color is with a lady who right that moment just got her chemo treatment...Compliments can really make you feel the opposite when given in the wrong context.
A while ago I got some make-up for that red-blond head of mine from the new collection of MAC.
I really liked the package:

And the actual eye-shadows, close-up:

My favorites so far are the green tones on the right and the golden one.
I would love to show them properly used but the pictures I have wearing them you can´t really see my eye make-up.XD I´m just really bad at make-up shots but instead you can see my ridiculous flippy hair. I´ll try to do better next time!
My hair went from the top picture to this:

And then to this:

And for your Xmas-mood, some illuminations of Omotesando brought to you by Ladyboy and Santa:

Personally I think Omotesando illuminations are nothing special when you compare them to European or the ones in Tokyo Midtown but of course pretty nonetheless.
Any favorite illuminations in Japan or your home country?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Back in Black (& Leo)

Hello there, I´m more or less back from the hospital; still got one more surgery to go but hope it will end then. I just wanted to say much thanks for sticking with me!

On to the clothes. One day before getting trapped in the hospital my mum and I went shopping and found something deep in the pits of H&M (I used to work there part-time so I have a tendency to not go there on my own anymore. Working place atmosphere is probably not a perfect shopping atmosphere.): Leo (Although you could also say the pattern looks like like dirt stains, I guess)pants.
They are actually a mix between skinny pants and leggings; that comfortableness was the deciding factor to get them. Due to the skin transplantation from my leg I cannot wear normal jeans for awhile since they would rub too much against the wound so both from the medical and the stylish point of view this was a good buy!
Plus, they are a bit too big for me (I couldn't find a size 32, so 34 it was) which is even better for relaxing my skin.

Short rundown of the rest of the outfit:
Hair accessory: Free gimmick from Tutuanna
Pullover with attached chain: Rojita; I bought it so long ago but it is still my favourite.
Booties: Bought in my usual Chile by Anap in Shibuya this autumn but they are actually from a Korean brand. Very warm and comfortable.

After the purchase, I saw similar in Vivi and Popsister too. To be honest I actually like the dark coloring of mine better though, more subtle and less "only this season"-esque.

What do you guys think?
Other flashy pants you recently discovered and liked?

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Diamonds In The Mail Box/Surgery / 1st Brand File

First, I have a surgery on Monday, which includes or will be followed by a skin transplantation therefore I have to go on a short hiatus. Please, please, please wish me luck!

In these not so grand times a big package from Santa arrived, including this beautiful, beautiful pink gold diamond ring.
The whole package, not showing everything here:

He recorded videos, painted a picture went to places that means a lot to us to get souvenirs from there, and got a Omamori, a lucky charm for my health and the surgery from a special shrine. All in all a package of power and love. ;)

I don´t know how he remembered it since I can´t even clearly recall mentioning- but he got it from my favorite jewelery brand-Ponte Vecchio. Named after the famous bridge loaded with jewelery stores in Florence it has a very sweet, female, romantic line- maybe too flashy for some but by nature jewelery should be a bit flashy.
It´s a pretty famous brand in Japan but not that much outside so I´d like to dedicate a blog entry later to introducing them. Rings usually start around 30 000Yen, but they have cheaper stuff too; here´s their website:

Ponte Vecchio package

Close-up, taken badly by me, but you can somehow see the details.

The ring didn´t come simply in it´s package, it was attached to a picture Santa painted for me representing us (therefore the brown and blue eye)holding the ring.

If anyone is interested, the fur hat with the ribbon in the top picture is from Chille Anap.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Shoes and Red Carpets

Small introduction of my new booties from Asos. It was my first time buying shoes online so I was pretty weary about the fit but they are perfect. Plus they were on sale for about 20 Euros.
Despite not looking that way they are surprisingly comfortable.
(I have to add though that apart after right after surgeries I only wear high-heeled shoes so I might be a bit biased when it comes to shoes.^^;)
I also wore them with my Halloween costume.

In a different light

Completely unrelated; despite being too heavy for some maybe I really like the Marchesa gown Rihanna was wearing at the EMAs.

It looks like you a wrapped up in a cloud- fluffy, soft and fragile.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Actual but late Halloween post

Before and on Halloween I was actually sick but with the help of pain killers and boredom I spontaneously decided to go out. It also helped that I didn´t have to walk but was taken by car.
And after all me walking like an invalid fitted Halloween just well so I felt less conscious of my hurting hip and waist.
Make-up, my "costume", hair style I had to finish in about 40 minutes so it wasn´t anything great but I tried my best with stuff I had at home. At least my costume was 0 Euro/Yen/Dollar which is a good point.
Not that recognizable but I went as a sort of weird Catholic school girl. I also felt like a school girl because all girls at the club were taller, curvier and more mature than me. Oh, well...XD;

My dear honeybunny Domi was dressed as lady from the 20s, very classy and elegant.
Her make-up is also much prettier than mine. I especially loved her hair band!

Outfit Rundown
Fake glasses: stolen from my Ex, so I am not sure where they are actually from
Check bow hair accessory: from my mum, therefore also not sure of the origin
Red blouse: Mango
Rosario: present from my grandmother
Check skirt: Dazzlin`; since it is too big on me, I wore a jean shorts from LDS underneath the skirt (Can you tell? XD)
Mickey bag: got at a UFO catcher in Shibuya by joined forces of Kentucky (Yes, I have a friend called Kentucky) and me
Bag: which you can´t really see in these pics though; Louis Vuitton
Knee highs: Tutuanna

While taking pics in the club toilet a drunken ramblin girl offered to take pics of us too:

Thank you random drunken girl!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Kitchy Halloween Part 2! @ Disney Sea

I´ve already had my personal horror trip of more or less fake vampires, pain and illness before Halloween even started but none of that today! Second part of kitchy Halloween at Disney Resort^^
I went there with Santa (I call him Santa not because he gives me lot of presents but because he has an extremely deep, calm voice and when he laughs it sounds like Santa. As you may recognized already I like nicknames for boys.).
Before we actually entered we already discovered a unique attraction: A probably pretty crazy big guy talking to himself the whole time who knew the Disney staff. Santa nicknamed him "Japanese Bear" after I jokingly asked if he is a special Japanese thing to Disney like Pu-Bear. XD


It was a pretty stormy day so it payed off to have someone who is tall, muscular with brought shoulders with you to hide behind (Not only on stormy days that pays off, of course. ;D)
My glasses are my favorite mirrored ones. i have them in silver and metallic blue.

A little bit of fake Mexico

My favorite non-scary ride

Big ship with a bit Halloween-flavor

Discovering my inner-child

My favorite place, the Mermaid Lagoon!I always thought it would be the perfect place for a rave/club, wouldn´t it?

3rd time I saw the big show at the harbour but I still like it; water-y woman

and fire-y monster-man

...together at last

There was a special Halloween firework which I tried to capture but failed

And after the firework I received a self-made present. If you can understand a bit German you will get the meaning

Romantic, romantic.

I tried a sort of 60s hair style and make-up but it was pretty destroyed at the end of the day.

Hope you all had/have/will have a great halloween!^^