Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mascots, Movies, DJs, Maxi Dresses and Insider Jokes

Met some cute. intellectual, pretty, talented, gorgeous celeb some time ago-"BusuKawa"(ugly-cute) mascot Gachapin!ガチャピン! and his entourage:

He granted me a picture together:

Maxi Dress is from a small store on Cat´s street. It was a sale item, was about 1500 Yen. It´s so rare to find a maxi dress which has not a cleavage-reveling cut so it was love at first sight.
Sunglasses (1000 Yen) are from a cheap store in Shibuya which name I never can remember. Guys always want to steal those. XD

Actually, the pictures are based on a joke between me and some other Shibuya based friends. Ladyboy´s old friend is one of the main DJ´s in Shibuya´s notorious Kindergarten club ATOM. I (and everyone else with eyes) think he looks like Gachapin and therefore nicknamed him that.
(I should explain that I do have a kind of grudge against Gachapin-boy since he used to stare and stare and stare at me, my mixi,... .before we ever talked a second.
You know the weary feeling that someone is looking at you constantly, you look back and there´s actually someone.
That someone would be that guy for me.
(WHEN I was actually introduced to him by Ladyboy, Gachapin-boy´s reaction was a quick "Yeah, I KNOW her" with that strange look that could mean a bundle of things. Of course you do, stalker. XD))
So basically the whole purpose of taking a picture with Gachapin was to send a joke mail to Ladyboy and others: "Just randomly met ...(insert real name of DJ here)!"
And -of course- since real mascot Gachapin is adorable. (Check out his twitter:

And my favorite Japanese actor, Shidô Nakamura (中村獅童) stars in a new film which -by the looks of it- tells also an interesting story:

The English is bad but given the time period it is placed in, it fits.
Always glad to see a role in Japan not given to some talentless boy band guy.

Plus, if you haven´t seen it yet, the video for H&M´s collaboration with Lanvin. I used to work for H&M and since then have a slight aversion against them (no bad experience, just a work place kind of feel) but despite lacking what I look for in a fashion I like their effort to bring high fashion to a larger crowd of people in an affordable way.


  1. Hee hee, I loooove Gachapin! That guy sounds weird though....

    The movie looks interesting. I can't imagine how they can fit such a long period of time though. It looks like the little boy has grown up at the end! I want to see it though ^^

  2. Gachapin for the win!
    Yeah, for some semi-famous guy with a semi-famous girlfriend he is way weirder than you´d expect.

    I was weary about the same point since he apparently grows up to become an artist. Interesting concept, isn´t it?