Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Blood is not on the dancefloor, but on the Tatami floor

I had some wild till painful days, which ended up in sea of blood on my Tatami floor.
Spending 80 % of your weekend at your Ex`s club in a tornado of Champagne and shots can have such results, I guess...
A short look of only my Sunday->Monday 1 week before.
Behated Roppongi, friends event->beloved Shibuya, Ex`s event->home, sleep, sea of blood, pain->Kichijoji, park and restaurant->Shinjuku, high end restaurant->Shibuya, other friends event->fever,pain and shaking in a taxi home.
Well, clubbing can be an art of life too. XD;

The one sleeve flower dress you see in most pictures is the one I bought at Odaiba's Royal Party Outlet. The last, destroyed looking outfit are several extremely cheap items combined. Hat is from a store at 109-2. Pants from the recently closed Indio Shibuya (the shop dying continues in Shibuya) Shirt is from ANAP. Why ANAP always puts items that are in trend right now in the sale section is beyond me but it is surely a noble gesture of them.

The coloring,the comfy material, plus the ruffled sleeves...and all for 1100 Yen. A stable part of my "autumn" wardrobe.

I have also a new cell phone which should enable me to make better pictures hopefully to use here!
Take care and be safe my dears!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Seasons may change...

No internet makes no posts, I apologize.

The latest Tokyo fashion I failed to report during my absence is girls insisting on wearing fur items although it has temperatures between 30-35 degrees. The poor shop staffs have no choice if it is ordered but fur leg warmers , vests and shoes are not items you should even consider wearing in what still is severe summer heat. Following blindely a trend is ever so beautifully shown right now.
The other main autumn/winter trends are equally unimpressive, basically same as every year: fur, check, nordic,knit,leopard.(I even saw last years damiant prints in 109, recycling maybe?) Although nothing exciting going on in the main departments, nice interpretations like the "poodle knit" (for example in Vivi) make it worth checking out some shops. Also a softer, retro-based mode to classic style is what I like most of what can be currently found in magazines and shops.
Here an example from Vivi, badly photographed by me:

Anyway, rebellious me still lets the summer live as long as the summer wants to live, so some summerly interpretations of the Shibuya on a beach, Enoshima:

Oompa Loompas!(wrong spelling, right?)

Enoshima in the months of July and August is really a more sleezy, flirty Shibuya with the sea. With September all the beach houses go and you have more surfers and less party. It is still dirty though, be warned when you decide to take a walk on the beach without sandals.

First picture is also shot in Enoshima, but inside the aquarium. I wore my current favorite dress from Topshop that day which I got from my lovely parents who visited me in Tokyo last week. More on this and that later.