Saturday, 7 August 2010

Hair Modelling 101 / Purikura

This week I had the chance to do nice some small-scale modelling again for a a line of hair salons in the Shibuya area. A Hip Hop event of friends was the day before so I did not get much sleep and felt generally rather sick which shows in my face but apart of that it was a sweet working day.

On my way to the salon I ran straight into a big group photo shoot for the magazine Men`s Egg, THE publication for Gyaru-o, which was already the 2nd time in 2 weeks. Male models pave, or rather stand annoyingly in my way.
Getting around the shooting I reached the salon which had a relaxed Semi-European, antique charm to it. Lots of white and decorated mirrors mixed with Biedermeier furniture.

I was allowed to choose how I wanted my hair cut and styled, which also means there is no interesting change at all to it. After that I was meeting up with my friend Megu for dinner and more. We also took some Purikura (the pictures on top) where you can see more of the outfit and hair.
Skirt is from Shibuya 109 brand Delyle, which concept is to be basically a sluttier, cheaper version of Chanel. Think lots of black, pink and white, chain bags, and prints using images like the Chanel No 5 flacon.
The shirt is from English store Asos, is one-shouldered one one side and opens up on the other side- a nice feature when temperatures are around 35 degrees.
Hope you enjoy your summer!


  1. The purikura is so cute! And I think you described Delyle perfectly, haha.

  2. ich liebe deine haare ich will auch so lange ! wachst meine haare wachst! buhuhuhu!

    und der salon in europäischem stil sieht total schön aus, die einrichtung hätte ich sofort mit nach hause genommen!

  3. Hey sweetie! Coole neue Frisur. Deine Mom hat mir den Link geschickt. Meld dich doch mal wieder. Bussis

  4. To Miruku,
    Aww, thanks to both! If I would have known what brands Megu`s outfit are from it would have been better though^^;

  5. To Nicki,
    Danke! Viel Erfolg fuers Wachstum auch von mir!^^

    Es war wirklich huebsch und gemuetlich, rare Kombination!

  6. To Zweite Gehirnhaelfte,
    Danke mein Baby! Dein Blog ist uebrigens sehr toll!