Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bad men and good clothes

I forgot in last entry several things, including the inspiration for my Yukata hair style I found in a magazine dedicated only to hair arranges that would fit Yukata. The first one was actually my top choice but since it is complicated and would have taklen too much time the hair stylist and I decided on something close to the second one. Still I would love to try it out on a more hair-friendly day in spring or autumn. Even the hair stylist thought it was really unique and pretty.

Second one:

Any Yukata/Kimono hair styles you like to try out or already tried?

The other thing is a short episode of human sweetness followed by cruelness I had during the Hanabi. Actually less than the fireworks I was absorbed with a cute baby girl. She, her grandmother and mother waved and laughed at me during the whole event and when it was time to leave they came with the baby car to me. Baby girl grabbed my hands and did not let go (cuteness) which was when her father uttered the following:

"Unlike your mother that big sister is beautiful, I understand, but still you have to let go"

Infront of his wife and the baby`s mother. That is not the way to have a happy marriage, mister!

(First picture is a recent outfit made out of 100% Anap sale products! XD)


  1. Oh no, what a terrible thing for that man to say! But maybe he was just teasing his wife, a lot of Japanese couples seem too have those private jokes. Anyway, love the outfit!

  2. Yes, I would have chosen the first hairstyle as primary choice too. But you looked fantastic anyway...

    Oh, and about that man... He's a man. What more can I say?! Or do I have to?

  3. To Domilein,
    Danke mein Schatzimausi!!!!!!!!!

    LOLZ, but not alll men are assholes, or at least some can be trained to behave properly. XD

  4. To Miruku,
    I have that with my guys too but from the devasted look on her face I sadly think it was not just teasing. XD;