Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Odaiba Venus Fort Outlet

A while ago I visited notorious dating spot Odaiba and the kitchy Department store Venus Fort (themed in a Las Vegas-esque interpretation of an Italian plaza).
A new edition of it is an outlet with lots of Gyaru to Vivi, CanCam brands (Moussy, Lip Service
, Dazzlin, Royal Party,...).
From Royal Party I got another one-shoulder, flower-print item, this time a dress for 2500 Yen (about 18 Euro?).
With a pissed off expression worn it looks something like this:

And belts with a very romantic touch I got from ladyboy. Waist belts are a regular in my outfits, they do not only give them that extra thing but also serve as small, lightened corset to give you a better posture.They can be annoying when you go out to eat though, be warned! XD; There were about half of the price you would pay in Shibuya too!

To sum it up, the Outlet is a big recommendation if either your date is boring and you want to spend the time doing something more useful like shopping or if both of you guys are into cheap fashion since they have stores for men too!^^
And also much thanks and welcome to the new followers!


  1. Little Shopaholic, huh? LOL But really cute, all the stuff.