Monday, 23 August 2010

Essentials of Japanese Summer

An essential part of Japanese summer is of course Hanabi, fireworks shows, and wearing a Yukata (thin summer kimono; still wearing it is certainly less comfortable and hotter than your average maxi summer dress) to it.
I decided on a Yukata set which included also hair accessories, Geta (traditional sandals), Obi, and other necessaries for under 10 00 Yen. usually those sets are cheaply produced and look that way (some of the gal brands ones, like Cecil McBee, tend to be that way) but this one actual has quality and a bit of a unique use of color. The base is soft purple, which is a color I actually did not see on anyone at the last firework shows I went to, with pink, white, yellow and black flowers.

Before the Hanabi I was stressed and had no time at all for styling myself, plus I am anyway clumsy so I got dressed up and got my hair done by a hair salon. I reserved their Yukata package over the Internet the night before. Pretty abrupt but I can recommend that service to everyone! The outcome was something like this:

It maybe does not look like it but it was a pretty complicated style and lots and lots of hair pins had to be used to keep everything up. (Not very pleasing for my scalp...XD)


  1. ich liebe deinen yukata und du kannst ihn so gut tragen ;__; ich mag auch mal so gerne einen anhaben. naja irgendwann klappt das sicherlich auch mal ! und ich weiß gar nicht was du hast die frisur und die accessoires sehen grandios aus!

  2. Ah, danke, danke!
    Ich wuerd dich gern in Yukata sehen, sollte sicher klappen, per Internet kann man sie ja auch bestellen!
    Da bin ich beruhigt!

  3. Wow!

    So breathtaking in that kimono!

    You are so elegantly cute! Those bright wide eyes, that pink silk, the sunlit face that cuts through all doubt...

    I'm kinda disappointed that no one else has seen your blog.

    You have great taste in clothing and aesthetics! <3 >w<