Monday, 26 July 2010


I lately have been in a maniac state for everything off- and one-shoulder, partially because It has a sophisticated sexiness to it, to a bigger part though because I can cover scars with it without looking like a nun. Luckily it is one of the proclaimed summer/autumn trends in Japan so lately I see it in stores more often.

Nevertheless If you see cute shirts, dresses, salopettes,bikinis ... that cover the right shoulder, please always let me know!

On my quest I even did something I do not normally do- I first discovered something in a magazine (in this case Popsister) and then bought it. Normally it is the other way around.
Since I had plans to go with Ladyboy to Disney Sea I was searching for some Salopette/Rompers/whatever you want to call it that is both light, comfortable and covers everything properly even when you go on a ride.

Minir Dees, a shop that if my memory is halfway correct, exists in 109 since winter time, had what I wanted and that for only 4095 Yen. The price will go apparently up again next month when the summer sale ends.
It combines my beloved girly girl essentials of floral pattern, lace and ruffles too. The only minus point is that only one-size is offered that is actually too big for me. It is still wearable but producing at least the standard 109 sizes of S and M would have been nice.

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