Sunday, 7 November 2010

Actual but late Halloween post

Before and on Halloween I was actually sick but with the help of pain killers and boredom I spontaneously decided to go out. It also helped that I didn´t have to walk but was taken by car.
And after all me walking like an invalid fitted Halloween just well so I felt less conscious of my hurting hip and waist.
Make-up, my "costume", hair style I had to finish in about 40 minutes so it wasn´t anything great but I tried my best with stuff I had at home. At least my costume was 0 Euro/Yen/Dollar which is a good point.
Not that recognizable but I went as a sort of weird Catholic school girl. I also felt like a school girl because all girls at the club were taller, curvier and more mature than me. Oh, well...XD;

My dear honeybunny Domi was dressed as lady from the 20s, very classy and elegant.
Her make-up is also much prettier than mine. I especially loved her hair band!

Outfit Rundown
Fake glasses: stolen from my Ex, so I am not sure where they are actually from
Check bow hair accessory: from my mum, therefore also not sure of the origin
Red blouse: Mango
Rosario: present from my grandmother
Check skirt: Dazzlin`; since it is too big on me, I wore a jean shorts from LDS underneath the skirt (Can you tell? XD)
Mickey bag: got at a UFO catcher in Shibuya by joined forces of Kentucky (Yes, I have a friend called Kentucky) and me
Bag: which you can´t really see in these pics though; Louis Vuitton
Knee highs: Tutuanna

While taking pics in the club toilet a drunken ramblin girl offered to take pics of us too:

Thank you random drunken girl!


  1. Wooooohoooo! Supersweet photos. And my make-up might have been more beautiful than yours (if at all) before we started dancing but inside it was so hot it all came smearing down... :-PPPP

  2. Aber nur weil du oben bist, mein Schatzimausi^~