Sunday, 18 July 2010

Senelier Reception

Sorry for not updating, I am in an internetless-state at the moment.

Yesterday I went to a designer friend's reception for his new label in old punk town Koenji. Like with 90% of all the designers I know, he primarily does mens fashion and his new brand is no different. (I actually met him trough another befriended designer who works for a hip hop label. I really need more women designers in my life...XD)
As you can maybe guess from the pictures, the concept is to mixture art and fashion. The art used is that from Senekt, a funny guy who -and that is surprising- used to be a Gyaru-o into Delica, Trance and Parapara. (I guess you could see an influence though in the pictures?)
Very well-made, exceptional but simple clothes are the result.

I was forced to wear and model them so if I get the pictures of that I hopefully can upload them too.

What else?
My recommendations if you mabe spend the summer in Japan is to drink Yuzu Green Tea Frappuccino at Starbucks and buy the new issue of Sweet because they have a great Betsey Johnson make up purse included.

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