Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pimp fashion

In the wide section of OraOra (Japanese bad boy style; street wear style) style gone wrong:

In the clip they introduce overly expensive set ups from the brand "Juvenile Delinquent". Grand brand name aside, the brand´s idolizes pimps and if you ever seen a store of them- it´s pretty in your face. Magic sticks, fur coats, you´ll think you´re in a Snoop Dog mock video. While half of the stuff is more or less representing OrOra fashion, the other one tales on the sadly over-looked style of 40´s pimps which I appreciate.
My favorite part of the brand is though that one of their 2 stores in Shibuya is straight in the heart of the Love Hotel hill. Seriously, can you be more in tune with your image than that?!

If you´d like to pimp out your boyfriend, go to their official homepage:

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