Sunday, 5 December 2010

Back in Black (& Leo)

Hello there, I´m more or less back from the hospital; still got one more surgery to go but hope it will end then. I just wanted to say much thanks for sticking with me!

On to the clothes. One day before getting trapped in the hospital my mum and I went shopping and found something deep in the pits of H&M (I used to work there part-time so I have a tendency to not go there on my own anymore. Working place atmosphere is probably not a perfect shopping atmosphere.): Leo (Although you could also say the pattern looks like like dirt stains, I guess)pants.
They are actually a mix between skinny pants and leggings; that comfortableness was the deciding factor to get them. Due to the skin transplantation from my leg I cannot wear normal jeans for awhile since they would rub too much against the wound so both from the medical and the stylish point of view this was a good buy!
Plus, they are a bit too big for me (I couldn't find a size 32, so 34 it was) which is even better for relaxing my skin.

Short rundown of the rest of the outfit:
Hair accessory: Free gimmick from Tutuanna
Pullover with attached chain: Rojita; I bought it so long ago but it is still my favourite.
Booties: Bought in my usual Chile by Anap in Shibuya this autumn but they are actually from a Korean brand. Very warm and comfortable.

After the purchase, I saw similar in Vivi and Popsister too. To be honest I actually like the dark coloring of mine better though, more subtle and less "only this season"-esque.

What do you guys think?
Other flashy pants you recently discovered and liked?


  1. I need some pants, recently my to-go part of wardrobe are... shorts, even though it`s minus 10C!! D: But I have warm boots and tights and a big warm ZARA down jacket, so I don`t see a problem... ;)
    Glad your operation went well, be halthy and fab! <3

  2. You and I are sisters in wardrobe apparently XD
    Even without the surgery I hardly ever wear pants it´s always skirts and dresses (and shorts) and that´s what I look for in shops too. But like you said tights, socks, warm boots and a jacket is all you need anyway.
    (The Zara down jacket I´d like to see, by the way)

    Thanks!<3 I ´ll be, I´ll be.

  3. Ich liebe Leo!! Steht dir super! schön das du wieder da bist!
    Ich hab auch schon öfter gehört,dass arbeiten bei H&M nich soooo doll sein soll, schade eigentlich....

  4. Danke fürs adden~^^
    Dein Outfit sieht echt voll toll aus!
    Oh, und ich kenn das; ich hab mal bei New Yorker gejobbt und bin hinterher auch nicht mehr alleine dahin zum einkaufen gegangen...^^;

  5. coole schuhe! :))

    LG Peach

  6. @Nicki:
    Danke, deine Leo-Jacke ist auch ganz fein!
    Das Arbeiten war anstrengend, aber nicht unbedingt schlimm. Trotzdem sieht man das nicht dann nur mehr als Shoppingort.