Thursday, 14 April 2011

I am doll arms, big veins, dog bait

Beautiful randomness in contrast to my last post-
lovely dress from the Japanese brand Titty & Co, just with the big minus that it is from a brand called Titty & Co.

By the way, in my last entry I mistook the name of the shop I got the fur hat from-
it´s a store called "Shazbot" (to my defense, that is not exactly a name easy to remember, right?)
Proof here:

I love the stricter, military shape of it.

I also wore it on a still pretty winter-ly trip I made a while ago with Mr Minime (I was still in hospital then but for short periods was allowed to make trips outside with my parents).
He tried on manly fashion in leather and fur; sadly already too small for him.

Santa thought it looks like we wore pair fashion in this picture...XD

To end this post I give you Minime On Ice:


  1. You & the pup look adorable in your fur <3
    I'm glad to see you smiling, my friend!

  2. Thanks my honeybun!
    Also thanks for following me^~