Monday, 25 April 2011

Giant Bunnies, Gucci and Leopard Shoes/2nd Brand File

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it!

I got beautiful Italian Leopard wedges from my mum, which enable me to walk quite well- even with hurting legs. Hope you had some nice Easter presents too. Since some time I can only walk in flat shoes but these enable me too have some heels back.

Today I have a little bit pain in my left leg so I am resting at home but yesterday Mr Minime and I made a trip to a near outlet center where we met a giant bunny and visited the ever nice Gucci store.

Both the staff at the "normal" Gucci store in the Inner City of Vienna as well as the Outlet store´s one is friendly and helpful so you don´t have to worry about entering a high brand store, even if you don´t have the money at all to spend there.
The result was that I bought a present for...I actually don´t know yet exactly whom I will give it to but it is good to have something ready.
The staff was sweet enough to spend quite some time packing it so I should show it:

It´s only something small, by the way.^^

Outfit of the day:

Sunglasses: present from my mum
Shirt: 2nd Hand store in Harajuku
Skirt: Moussy (extreme), I just introduced it here.
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Tights: Tutuanna
Shoes: Stiefelkönig; my Easter presents^^

About the title:
Under the label "brand files" you can easily search and find now the entries which are about items from high brands.
The first entry would be about the ring from Ponte Vecchio.
Sorry that this one is only packaging!
The next brand file will be more interesting.


  1. Du lässt dich nicht lumpen bei Geschenken, oder? :)

    great style as always!

  2. Happy HOlidays and lots of health and happiness for You~~~~~~~~~~~~ <3333333333

  3. Guys, I just wanted to let you know that things are looking really bad right now. There's hardly anything we can but...

    Well, I know this isn't good news but I wanted to share with you. Her mom called me this morning for an update and it didn't sound good.

    My thoughts are with Lili and her family.

  4. Schöne Bilder hast du !
    Übrigens unsere Hotpicks Aktion startet gerade erneut und wir würden gerne von dir wissen was deine liebsten Modeteile sind. Zu gewinnen gibt es auch dieses Mal wieder eine tolle Canon Spiegelreflex. Wir würden uns total freuen, wenn du dabei bist mehr Information findest du auf unserem Blog hier .

    Viel Glück wünsche ich dir !

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  6. Hi, I don't know if you'll see this, but this is tralala/Elly from lj, I suddenly realise I hadn't seen you anywhere in forever. gosh, I don't know, I just wanted to know if you're ok, how you're doing? you were always so sweet with replying to all my posts, and I worried about your health problems, I just wanted to try to talk to you again

  7. I love Lindt Chocolate:) and Tokyo, actually my latest post is about Harajuku! check it out!!

    xx suki

  8. How are you, lately? Haven't heard from you in a while!

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