Thursday, 24 February 2011

Ambulances and Mr. MINIME

Break again because my body had it´s biggest break down of my life-I´ve developed metastasis in my bones and behind my eye which causes not only severe pain buta also problems with walking, seeing and general body balance. Because of that and my pain killers mistakenly weren´t fitted to my body weight at all my body shut down.

The result was riding 3 times in one day the ambulance and an emergency CT scan of my head at 1 o´clock in the night because the doctors were scared I could have a hemorrhage (bleeding) in my brain which could mean immediate death or an emergency operation of the brain.

Basically I started my life from scratch these days- trying to go back to some kind of normality. My body is still not back to it but my friends, boys and my new darling help me.
My darling I have to inroduce:
Mr Minime

He´s very intelligent, sweet, wild and a playboy. He is also better than any doctor since he can sense the places I am in pain and then licks them.
His mother is a bossy fat pomeranian and his father the shyest Chihuahua I´ve ever met. He also grew up with horses, chicken, cats and of course his dog family which may result to him not being your typical small dog. Anyway, he´s part of my life now and so part of this blog too.

I have lots and lots and stuff I want to post now I got this announcement-kind-of-thing out of my way. ファイト!


  1. Oh, dear. I'm so sorry to hear that. never give up, please. Good luck.

    Your puppy is so so so adorable! *__* nice to meet you Mr. Minime!
    I use to read your LJ, that's how I found your blog, i don't know if i had mention it before.

  2. Du glaubst gar nicht wie froh ich bin von dir zu hören. Ob du es glaubst oder nicht ich denk oft mal an dich.
    Es ist immer wieder ne Schande, dass dir so viel Scheiße passiert, aber ich finde es bemerkenswert, dass du nicht aufgibst!!! Das ist sehr wichtig.

    Dein Hund ist zuckersüß!! Ich will ihn streicheln *o*

  3. Be strong girl <3

  4. Aimi,
    You didn´t mention it before but I remember you!
    Thanks for resding and the cheers up, it means a lot to me!


    Das hört sich jetzt vielleicht auch komisch an, aber im Krankenhaus hab ich auch an dich gedacht!

    Danke. Ist immer für Streicheleinheiten zu haben ;)

    I will and thanks!

  5. Ich hatte nur dein Livejournal gecheckt und mir schon Sorgen gemacht, warum du nicht mehr schreibst.

    Der Kleine ist echt süß!

    Bist du momentan in Japan? Ich wünsch dir jedenfalls ganz viel Stärke, wo auch immer du gerade bist!